2023 Life Update! Lessons are back!

Kadima and Shasta at our recent family photo session!

Quick life update here! Once again, I’ve fallen behind writing like I’ve hope to one day do. But, I’m going to embrace that and enjoy the times I do get time to sit down and type. A lot has been going on; deep lessons learned through parenting, horses and the passionate pursuit of truth! I hope to share in depth soon, as these lessons have been precious in my life. 

Many of them have come out of my taking lessons from Pippa Callanan (pippacallanan.com), a French Classical Dressage trainer with true heart and passion for the horse and their rider. I’m typically not a tech person (hello, flip phone!), but I caved and ordered a Pivo Pod Silver to enable me to take lessons from Pippa while she is on her home base in France. What a blessing to be able to do this! I’ve grown so much as a rider and person, and I believe this is the restoration and refreshment I was needing before offering to teach others again. 

With that, I’ve finally opened up my calendar (as it allows, anyway!) to join others along their barrel racing or horsemanship journey again. I also have included the option to take these lessons virtually, as I do with Pippa, so riders don’t have to live in the same town to have the opportunity to work together. I am looking forward to seeing the doors that open up due to this fantastic little pod! 

Sharing our precious pearls, often hard-earned, is one of life’s true joys. I’m grateful for those who will take part in that special exchange. 

Many blessings and shalom to you all, hope to connect again soon.

Nicole & Family


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