Healing from Serving: Goldendale Rodeo Bible Camp 2019

Rocki overlooking the barrel practice on rodeo day.

I had the blessing of instructing for the 5th year at the Goldendale Rodeo Bible Camp (wow, does time fly!)

5 weeks ago, Rocki sustained a very serious eye puncture and it’s been a long journey for us both. It’s amazing to me that it is during the times when we are most drained that it is hardest to look forward to the very things that will bring us refreshment and restoration. I am thankful that despite my tiredness, the Father brought me to camp, where there was evidence both in Rocki’s life and my own of the healing that comes from serving others for God’s Kingdom in contrast to the slow fading away of life when we are hyper-focused on our own battles.

To my lovely barrel girls who blessed me so much throughout last week: Thank you for being each one of you. Thank you for showing me strength, determination, humility, childlike fun and kindness. Y’all blew my socks off, gave me chills, challenged me to grow, and gave this tired gal joy in abundance!

Thank you to the folks who work hard year round to bring this camp to pass. Thank you Father for Your faithfulness; in and out of the arena, to each one of us, each and every day and forevermore. 

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4 thoughts on “Healing from Serving: Goldendale Rodeo Bible Camp 2019

  1. So sweet of you to reach out Mrs. Lupinacci! I cannot wait to meet you one day soon (Abba willing). Really has been so special to have the family of Messiah be revealed in this special season. Many blessings & shalom.

  2. Dear Nicole, It has been such a highlight for me following your life and career since my youngest son Darren and I saw you for the first time riding Blondie at the Omak Rodeo which was our first time to that Rodeo. We returned many times to that rodeo as it was always a good one. We sure missed seeing you race there though. Thank you for keeping in touch. You are a VERY SPECIAL WOMAN. God Bless. Love Lenore Mann

  3. I am so grateful for the connection from that rodeo! Thank you for always reaching out and staying in touch. Feel free to do so anytime. Blessings. -Nicole

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