There’s More

This is an excerpt from my May 1, 2018 Journal Entry. Boy, do I sit in awe today saying: “Is there ever more.” Yet, still just scratching the surface of His abundant “More.”

There’s more.

Not in shallow gain or in a selfish sense; but a deeper, more meaningful, ‘more.’

More than the self, more than this world and the things in it, more than what the world could promise you at it’s best. There’s more.

There’s more to just riding. Even in mature and wise riding; there’s more. There is something beyond the ride, in the ride. There is more.

There is more to just being a believer, a child of Elohim, Adoni; there’s more. Something deeper than all of the surface things. Something beyond my actions. There’s more.

I don’t know what all of this means, but I do know there’s more. A very deep desire from God, I believe. A desire to not live like the world or strive in the world, because there’s simply so much more. So much more that even we as believers may be missing.

‘More’ of course, being everything to do with the heart.

May 1 , 2018 Journal Entry after a ride in the pasture.

May we keep seeking His “more” in every area of our life, forevermore.

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