Honor in Horses

"Call upon Me in the day of trouble. When I rescue you, you will honor Me.”

Psalm 50:15, TLV

After having to step back from competition in 2014 due to horse injuries, Nicole was faced with the opportunity to re-evaluate what is truly important in life and where to place her focus and trust: in Yeshua Messiah (Hebrew name of Jesus Christ). Since, she has found a new element to her lessons, clinics, and her own riding and development as a horsewoman which offers so much more to students than just success in riding and barrel racing. Her dedication, passion and devotion to both her riders and their horses has not gone unnoticed as her clients often describe her teaching style as “straightforward, humble and patient.”

Looking back on the journey from 2014 to current, she is truly grateful that the Lord's promises hold true. That when she called upon Him in her day of trouble, He has faithfully rescued her and will each and everytime forevermore. She desires nothing more than to honor Him in every area of her life, including in the gift of her horses.
May it forever be increasingly so.

Highlight Accomplishments


DEC. 27, 2019

Nicole & Uriah met in February of 2019 at a Bible study and in August, Uriah called Nicole’s dad to ask to pursue her for marriage. They were betrothed on November 16, 2019 and married on December 27, 2019. Uriah has a farming and dairy cattle background and now has added a “horse dad” to his resume. All mares have approved this new addition to the family.

World record holder (2010-2013)

In 2010 at the TRAC Arena in Pasco, WA; Nicole and Blondie (Biankus French Girl) broke the World Record for the fastest time ran on a WPRA standard pattern with a time of 16.643 during the Barrel Racers National 4D World Championship Round.

3x brn4d world champion

Nicole and Blondie took home 3 World Champion titles at the BRN4D Finals. One in 2008. 2010 and another in 2013. Nicole qualified for the World Champion round numerous times, including on her mare Rosie (Major Debut).


Nicole & Blondie qualified for their first Northwest Professional Rodeo Association’s finals in 2012 and left with the average champion title and the Rookie of the Year title.

Other mentions

Featured on:
The Travel Channel,
WPRA Today on RFD-TV
Numerous news magazines,
Guest Writer for Young Rider Magazine, Rein Magazine & More.

Where is she now?

Today, Nicole continues to expand her lessons and teachings, enjoy’s working with and riding her own horses, and is continually waiting on the Lord for the next steps to take in her life. Join in on the journey!

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